FTP Integration

Download or upload files via FTP or SFTP in Paragon

Setup Guide

1. Get FTP / SFTP Details & Whitelist Paragon IP Addresses

You can get your server credentials from whoever set up the server. You'll also need to get them to whitelist the Paragon IP addresses:





2. Add FTP / SFTP server to Paragon

To add an FTP / SFTP server to Paragon, click the "+" button in the workflow canvas and choose the FTP integration from the sidebar. Under Choose your FTP server, choose "Add new account for FTP" and enter your server credentials.

Note: You can switch between FTP / SFTP protocols under Protocol.

3. Query FTP / SFTP

Once your FTP server is connected, you can add steps to perform the following actions:

  • List files

  • Download file

  • Upload file

  • Delete file

When including the file path, you can reference data from previous steps by typing {{ to invoke the variable menu.