Working with Team Members

Invite your team to create workflows on Paragon.


Collaborate with your team members to create and edit workflows. Paragon has two levels of users: Admin and Member. As an Admin, you have access to features and settings that Members do not.
To add Team Members to your Organization in Paragon:

1. Go to "Team Members" in Settings

Click on "Settings" in the sidebar, then click on "Team Members".

2. Add new team member information

Click the blue "+ New Member" button to the right of the dashboard to invite team members to your Organization in Paragon.
Visit our Pricing page for more information on team sizes.
Invitees will receive an email invitation to join your Organization on Paragon. You’ll receive a confirmation email once your invitations are accepted.

3. Select a Role and Send an Invitation

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Managing Roles and Permissions

There are two types of roles Team Members can have in your Organization:
User Permissions
Create workflows
Edit workflows
Delete workflows
Manage Subscription
Edit Billing Details
Update team membership settings

Removing a Team Member

Click on "Remove User" underneath the team member you'd like to remove. After confirming the deletion, the team member will be removed from your Organization.