Understanding Tasks

Learn how tasks are counted in Paragon.
A task is a successful execution of a step in your workflow. You can see which steps succeeded in the workflow execution view of the Task History page.

How tasks count towards your plan

The following steps count as tasks:
The following steps do not count as tasks:
Note: While the Fan Out itself doesn't count as a task, the contents within Fan Outs count as tasks per iteration.

Task limits and pricing

The task limit is the maximum number of tasks you can run before your workflows stop executing during the current billing cycle.
Visit our Pricing page for more information on task limits and pricing.

How task usage resets

Task usage resets at the beginning of your billing period each month. Unused tasks will not roll over to the next billing period.

What happens if I reach my task limit?

You'll receive notification emails from Paragon as you get closer to your task limit.
We'll send an email notifying you that your workflows have stopped executing. Users on any of our paid plans have a five-day grace period to upgrade before workflows stop executing.
Any unfinished tasks will show up in your Task History as a failed workflow. You can replay stopped workflows when your billing cycle restarts or you upgrade your plan.
Need more tasks? Upgrade to a paid plan today!