Customizing the Connect Portal

Control your end-user integration experience by customizing Connect Portal.

The Connect Portal is a component that your users interact with to connect their third-party app accounts to your application.

To edit the Connect Portal for an integration, click on Customize Connect Portal in the Integration Overview page to open the Connect Portal Editor.

In the Connect Portal Editor, you can customize different aspects of your Connect Portal:

  • Overview: Edit the integration's description under the Connect Portal's Overview tab

  • Configuration: Edit the appearance of the integration's workflows and workflow settings under the Configuration tab

  • Appearance: Edit the visual appearance of the Connect Portal


There are two options you can edit in the Overview tab:

  • Short description: a one-line description of your integration that appears at the top of the Connect Portal.

  • Overview: a long-form description of your integration. This description is the first thing your users see when opening the Connect Portal, so this is the best place to describe and showcase your integration's benefits in detail to your users.

You can use Markdown formatting in the Overview section.



Under the Settings section of the Configuration tab, you'll be able to create user-facing settings that allow your users to configure parameters of their workflows from the Connect Portal.

Some example use cases of User Settings include:

  • Slack: choosing which channel that messages should be sent in

  • Salesforce: choosing a custom opportunity stage that new opportunities created in

  • Hubspot: choosing a custom lead status that new leads should be created with

  • Jira: choosing which Jira user that new issues should be assigned to

Learn more about adding and configuring User Settings below:

pageUser Settings


Under the Workflows section of the Configuration tab, you can control the visibility and customize the description of workflows that appear in the Connect Portal.

Learn more about configuring the Workflow List below:

pageDisplaying Workflows



The Connect Portal supports both light and dark themes, allowing you to choose a theme that matches your application's overall theme. The Connect Portal can also detect and match your user's system theme settings by selecting "Match System Theme" from the theme dropdown.



Paragon Branding

You can optionally turn off the Paragon-branded footer in your Connect Portal.

Whitelabeling the Connect Portal, which allows you to remove Paragon branding, is available on our Pro plan and above. Please contact us to enable this option on your account.

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