Role-Based Access Control

Assign roles to team members working together on Paragon.

Role-Based Access Control allows you to give team members different levels of visibility to your Paragon projects. For example, you can:

  • Assign support team members with Support roles for access to the Connected Users and Task History pages only

  • Designate specific users with Admin roles to manage global settings, including team member access and billing information

We recommend giving team members the minimal level of access they need, according to the principle of least privilege.

Role-Based Access Control is available for Paragon customers on Enterprise plans. To learn more, contact your Customer Success Manager or

Admin and Member roles are available for customers on all plans. See Working with Team Members for more information.

Managing Roles

Roles are managed on an organizational/global level. When a role is assigned, that role will apply across all projects.

Roles can be managed from the dashboard by visiting Settings > Team Members page for any Project.

You can select any existing team member to change their role. New team members can also be invited with a specific role selected.

Role Types


Admins have full read/write access to Paragon projects. Admins can also exclusively invite new team members and view billing details.


Members are allowed to modify integrations and deploy workflows, but they cannot create new Event Destinations or modify existing Environment Secrets.


Support members are only allowed to view the Connected Users and Task History pages of the dashboard. Using these pages, they can provide support and error information to integration users.

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