Workflow Permissions

Restrict the visibility of workflows to specific users or groups with Workflow Permissions.

You can restrict the visibility of workflows to specific users or groups with Workflow Permissions.

Workflow Permissions can be defined for any workflow as a set of conditions that a user's metadata must match in order for the workflow to appear in their Connect Portal.

For example, you can use Workflow Permissions to:

  • Limit the availability of workflows to users on specific pricing plans

  • Build a bespoke workflow for a specific user

  • Roll out a new workflow to a group of users, under a feature flag

Workflow Permissions is available on our Enterprise plan and above. Please contact us to enable this option in your account.

Using Workflow Permissions

Workflow Permissions are available in the options for any Workflow on the Customize Connect Portal page. Navigate to Configuration > Workflows, and choose any workflow to set Workflow Permissions.

To set Workflow Permissions, click Update and create conditions for the user's metadata object.

The fields shown in the field selection menu are based on the User Metadata for the Test User, which you can update by clicking "Set User Metadata" at the bottom of the menu.

Finally, click Save to update the permissions for this workflow.

Note: If the workflow has already been enabled for existing users prior to this change, it will automatically be disabled if their metadata does not match the saved permissions.

How Workflow Permissions are applied

If a Connected User does not satisfy the Workflow Permissions with the User Metadata associated with them, the workflow:

Workflow Permissions are re-evaluated whenever the conditions change for the workflow or when the metadata for the user has changed.

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