Connected Users

Learn how Connected Users are counted in Paragon.

Connected Users represent your customers that are connected to integrations in Paragon. A Connected User typically represents an organization, but can be implemented to represent any entity, such as an individual user.

Each Connected User is a unique User ID connected to at least 1 integration. A User ID is the subject (sub) field of the Paragon User Token used to authenticate to the API or SDK.

You can view and manage your Connected Users in the Paragon dashboard. Learn more in Managing Connected Users.

Connected User limits and pricing

Your Paragon subscription includes a limit on Connected Users. You can view this limit and current usage in the header of the Connected Users Dashboard.

All Admin users in your organization will receive automated email notifications when your usage reaches 70%, 85%, and 100% of your Connected Users limit.

What happens if I reach my Connected Users limit?

When you exceed this limit, new Connected Users will be unable to connect integrations. Existing Connected Users will not be impacted, and Workflows for existing Connected Users will continue to run.

You can reduce your usage of Connected Users by deleting inactive users from the Connected Users Dashboard.

To upgrade your Paragon subscription to a higher usage tier for Connected Users, contact Sales or reach out to your Account Manager.

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