Automatically retry failed step executions.


When auto-retry is enabled on a step, the step automatically retries if the step execution fails. This is useful for ensuring your workflows run successfully when encountering intermittent errors, such as API rate limits.
Auto-retry is available on the following step types:
If a step with auto-retry enabled fails, Paragon will perform several retries, waiting after each failed execution before performing the next attempt. The timing of retry attempts is as follows:
  • 1st retry: around 10 seconds after initial attempt
  • 2nd retry: around 20 seconds after 1st retry
  • 3rd retry: around 30 seconds after 2nd retry
  • 4th retry: around 50 seconds after 3rd retry
  • 5th retry: around 80 seconds after 4th retry
To enable auto-retry for a step, click on the step, scroll to the bottom of the sidebar, and toggle auto-retry.
Note: Enabling auto-retry only retries the specific step, not your entire workflow.

How Auto-Retry works

Deployed Workflows: Paragon attempts to run your step up to five times with an exponential back-off. Retried steps appear as "Running" in Task History.
Test Workflow or Test Step: Paragon does not retry step executions.
While auto-retry is enabled, no error emails for the workflow will be sent during the auto-retry window. If Paragon fails to retry the step after the last attempt, we will send you an email indicating the error, and workflow execution in your Task History.