Defining App Events

Learn how to define App Event schemas in Paragraph projects.

App Events are JSON payloads that can be used to trigger workflows from your application, using the SDK or API. In Paragraph, you can define an App Event with a file that declares its name and schema.

Creating a new App Event

App Events reside in the src/events folder of your Paragraph project. You can create a new file, like src/events/newTask.ts, to define a new type of App Event.

import { IEventInit } from '@useparagon/core/event';

export type EventSchema = {
  title: 'Example Title';
  description: 'Example Description';
  storyPointEstimate: 0;

const event: IEventInit<EventSchema> = {
   *  name of event
  name: 'New Task',

   * schema of event payload
  schema: {
    title: 'Example Title',
    description: 'Example Description',
    storyPointEstimate: 0,

export default event;

The file must export a default object that includes the name of the event (which will be used in the SDK and the API when App Events are sent) and an example payload.

Using an App Event in a Workflow

To use the App Event in a workflow file, import the event into the Workflow:

import newTaskEvent from "../../../events/newTask";

Currently, relative imports are required to be used from Workflow files. Avoid using absolute imports, e.g. src/events/newTask.

Then, you can pass the event into an EventStep trigger as the first step in the Workflow:

const triggerStep = new EventStep(newTaskEvent);

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