Facebook Ads Integration
Manage ad campaigns with Facebook Ads

1. Add Facebook Ads to Paragon

Click the "+" button in the workflow canvas and choose Facebook Ads from the sidebar. Under Connect your Facebook Ads account, choose "Add new account for Facebook Ads" and select the Facebook Ads account you want to connect to.

2. Query Facebook Ads

Once your Facebook Ads account is connected, you can add steps to perform the following actions:
  • Create Campaign
  • Update Campaign
  • Get Campaigns
  • Get Campaign by ID
  • Create Ad Set
  • Update Ad Set
  • Get Ad Sets
  • Get Ad Set by ID
  • Create Ad
  • Update Ad
  • Get Ad by ID
  • Build Ad Creative Object
  • Create Ad Creative
  • Create Lead Gen Form
  • Send Purchase Event
  • Send Lead Event
  • Send Other Event
When using Facebook Ads, you can reference data from previous steps by typing {{ to invoke the variable menu.
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1. Add Facebook Ads to Paragon
2. Query Facebook Ads