Configuring OAuth
Run your workflows with your user's data.
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Connecting an OAuth-enabled app

To add an OAuth provider to Paragon, click the "trigger" step in the workflow canvas, and choose "OAuth" from the sidebar. Under Connect an OAuth-enabled app, choose "Add a new OAuth-enabled app" and select the provider you want to connect to.
You can find the full list of supported OAuth providers below:
Don't see an OAuth provider on this list?

Using OAuth-enabled apps in your workflow

The application will appear under "OAuth-enabled Apps" once you've added it.
Once you're ready to start using an OAuth trigger workflow in production, click the "Deploy" button in the top-right of the screen to deploy the workflow.

Authenticating Users

For certain integrations, the User authentication header appears after selecting your app.
There are multiple forms of user authentication you can use:
  • Refresh Token: Automatically provides an up-to-date Access Token.
  • Access Token: Acts as an API key by authenticating requests on behalf of the user. Typically expires for security reasons.
  • Bot Token: Acts as an API key by authenticating your bot client.
Note: When available, you should use a refresh token to ensure your client's account is always authenticated.