Firebase Integration
Connect your Firebase account to Paragon.

1. Get Firebase Database URL, Project ID, and Service Account Details

You can get your connection details from whoever set up your Firebase account. You can find your Project ID in the Settings page of your Firebase account. Your Firebase Database URL will usually be https://<firebase-project-id>
You can find your Firebase Service Account Details under the "Service accounts" section of your Firebase Settings page. Click the "Generate new private key" button to download a file containing your Service Account details.

2. Add Firebase Paragon

Click the "+" button in the workflow canvas and choose the PostgreSQL from the sidebar. Under Connect to a Firebase account, choose "Add new account for Firebase" and enter your Firebase Database URL and Project ID. Open the Service Account file you downloaded in the previous step and copy the entire JSON object under Add your Service Account with Firebase privileges.

3. Query Firebase

Once your Firebase account is connected, you can add steps to perform the following actions:
    Auth (User Management): Get user by UID
    Auth (User Management): Get user by email
    Auth (User Management): List users
    Auth (User Management): Create user
    Auth (User Management): Update user
    Auth (User Management): Delete user
    Firestore: Query Firestore
    Firestore: Insert Document
    Firestore: Update Document
    Firestore: Get Document by ID
    Firestore: Delete Document
When creating or updating users or documents in Firebase, you can reference data from previous steps by typing {{ to invoke the variable menu.
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