Connect your Klaviyo app for OAuth in Paragon

Setup Guide

You can find your Klaviyo API Keys by visiting your Klaviyo Account dashboard.


  • Klaviyo Account. You can create one here.

Connecting to Klaviyo

Once your users have connected their Klaviyo account, you can use the Paragon SDK to access the Klaviyo API on behalf of connected users.

See the Klaviyo REST API documentation for their full API reference.

Any Klaviyo API endpoints can be accessed with the Paragon SDK as shown in this example.

// You can find your project ID in the Overview tab of any Integration
// Authenticate the user
paragon.authenticate(<ProjectId>, <UserToken>);
// Create List
await paragon.request("klaviyo", "/v2/lists", {
method: "POST",
body: { "list_name": "your_list_name" }
// Query Lists
await paragon.request("klaviyo", "/v2/lists", {
method: "GET"

Creating your Klaviyo Private API Key

Your end-users will be required to enter their Klaviyo Private API Key as authentication when first connecting to your application.

To create a Klaviyo Private API Key:

  1. Login to Klaviyo Account.

  2. Navigate to Accounts > Settings > API Keys, and click the blue "Create Private API Key" button.

  3. Copy your private API key

  4. Paste your private API key to authenticate your account.