Using Conditionals
Add conditional branching logic to your workflows


You can add conditional logic to workflows in Paragon using our Conditional step. Conditionals allow you to define rules to determine which of two paths your workflow should execute.
To add a conditional to your workflow, click the "+" button in the workflow canvas and choose the Conditional step from the sidebar.

Conditional rules

To add a rule to your conditional, click the dropdown menu in the 'select from step' input to choose a value that you want to evaluate. In the input to the right, you can choose a conditional operator (e.g. is true, equals, greater than).
Note: Operators depend on the value's type - for example, "greater than" only works for numbers, "exactly matches" only works for strings, etc.

Conditional operators

    Contains: string
    Does not contain: string
    Exactly matches: string
    Does not exactly match: string
    Is in: string
    Is not in: string
    Starts with: string
    Does not start with: string
    Ends with: string
    Does not end with: string
    Greater than: integer
    Less than: integer
    Equals: integer
    Does not equal: integer
    After: date/time
    Before: date/time
    Equals: date/time
    Is true: boolean
    Is false: boolean
    Does not exist
    Is empty: Array
    Is not empty: Array
If you choose a relational operator, another input will appear where you can type or choose or a second value to compare to.
You can combine multiple rules using "and" and "or" operators.
Last modified 8mo ago