Connect your JIRA app for OAuth in Paragon.

Setup Guide

You can find your JIRA app credentials by visiting your JIRA developer portal.
Note: You'll need to create a new JIRA app if you don't already have one.
You'll need the following information to set up your JIRA app with Paragon:
    App Name
    Client ID
    Client Secret
    Scopes Requested

1. Add the Redirect URL to your JIRA app

Paragon provides a redirect URL to send information to your JIRA app. To add the redirect URL to your JIRA app:
1. Copy the link under "Redirect URL" in Paragon.
2. In your JIRA developer dashboard, select your application.
3. Under APIS and Features > OAuth 2.0 (3LO) > Callback URL, paste-in the redirect URL from Paragon.

2. Add your JIRA app to Paragon

    Click the "Trigger" step in the workflow canvas, and choose OAuth from the sidebar.
    Under Connect an OAuth-enabled app, choose "Add a new OAuth-enabled app" and select "JIRA".

3. Input your credentials

Fill out your credentials from Step 1 in their respective sections:
    App Name: Chosen name for your application.
    Client ID: Found under App Details > Client ID on your JIRA App page.
    Client Secret: Found under App Details > Secret on your JIRA App page.
    Scopes Requested: A space-separated list of OAuth scopes. A complete list of JIRA's scopes is here.
Press the green "Connect" button to save your credentials.
Last modified 1yr ago