Google OAuth
Connect your Google app for OAuth in Paragon

Setup Guide

You can find your Google app credentials by visiting your Google Cloud Console dashboard.
You'll need the following information to set up your Google App with Paragon:
  • App Name
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Scopes Requested

1. Add the Redirect URL to your Google app

Paragon provides a redirect URL to send information to your Google app. To add the redirect URL to your Google app:
1. Copy the link under "Redirect URL" in Paragon.
2. In your Google Cloud Console dashboard, navigate to APIs & Services > Credentials in the sidebar.
Note: You'll need to create a new project in Google Cloud Console if you don't already have one.
3. Press "+ Create Credentials", then select OAuth client ID.
Note: You'll need to configure Google's consent screen for access to Client ID and Client Secret if you haven't already.
4. Select "Web application" from the Application type drop-down menu.
5. Under Authorized redirect URIs, press the "+ Add URI" button.
6. Paste-in the redirect URL from Paragon.
7. Press the blue "Create" button.
Google provides you with the Client ID and Client Secret needed for the next steps after adding the redirect URL to your project.

2. Add your Google app to Paragon

  1. 1.
    Click the "Trigger" step in the workflow canvas, and choose OAuth from the sidebar.
  2. 2.
    Under Connect an OAuth-enabled app, choose "Add a new OAuth-enabled app" and select "Google".

3. Input your credentials

Fill out your credentials from the end of Step 1 in their respective sections:
  • App Name: Chosen name for your application.
  • Client ID: Found at the end of Step 1.
  • Client Secret: Found at the end of Step 1.
  • Scopes Requested: A space-separated list of OAuth scopes. A complete list of Google's scopes is here.
Press the green "Connect" button to save your credentials.

OAuth-enabled Actions

Ready to use your OAuth-enabled app in your workflow? Check out our OAuth-enabled action documentation here to get started!
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Setup Guide
1. Add the Redirect URL to your Google app
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