Custom Provider
Connect to any OAuth app in Paragon


Paragon's OAuth interface allows you to connect any OAuth provider in around 5 minutes.

Setup Guide

1. Gather your credentials

You can usually find the OAuth credentials for your selected provider in their API Documentation. You'll need access to the following credentials:
  • Name
  • Auth URL
  • Access Token URL
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Scopes Requested

2. Connect your other OAuth provider

  1. 1.
    Click the "Trigger" step in the workflow canvas, and choose OAuth from the sidebar.
  2. 2.
    Under Connect an OAuth-enabled app, choose "Add a new OAuth-enabled app" and select "Other OAuth provider".

3. Input your credentials

Fill out your credentials from Step 1 in their respective sections:
  • Name: Chosen name for your provider.
  • Authorization URL
  • Token URL
  • Client ID: Public identifier for apps
  • Client Secret: Secret known only between your application and provider.
  • Scopes Requested: A space-separated list of OAuth scopes. A complete list of acceptable scopes can be found on your provider's OAuth documentation.

4. Add the Redirect URL to provider

Paragon provides a redirect URL to send information to your OAuth provider. Refer to your application provider's OAuth documentation for more information on where to input your redirect URL.

OAuth-enabled Actions

Ready to use your OAuth-enabled app in your workflow? Check out our OAuth-enabled action documentation here to get started!