Custom Provider
Connect to any OAuth app in Paragon


Paragon's OAuth interface allows you to connect any OAuth provider in around 5 minutes.

Setup Guide

1. Gather your credentials

You can usually find the OAuth credentials for your selected provider in their API Documentation. You'll need access to the following credentials:
    Auth URL
    Access Token URL
    Client ID
    Client Secret
    Scopes Requested

2. Connect your other OAuth provider

    Click the "Trigger" step in the workflow canvas, and choose OAuth from the sidebar.
    Under Connect an OAuth-enabled app, choose "Add a new OAuth-enabled app" and select "Other OAuth provider".

3. Input your credentials

Fill out your credentials from Step 1 in their respective sections:
    Name: Chosen name for your provider.
    Authorization URL
    Token URL
    Client ID: Public identifier for apps
    Client Secret: Secret known only between your application and provider.
    Scopes Requested: A space-separated list of OAuth scopes. A complete list of acceptable scopes can be found on your provider's OAuth documentation.

4. Add the Redirect URL to provider

Paragon provides a redirect URL to send information to your OAuth provider. Refer to your application provider's OAuth documentation for more information on where to input your redirect URL.

OAuth-enabled Actions

Ready to use your OAuth-enabled app in your workflow? Check out our OAuth-enabled action documentation here to get started!
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