MongoDB Integration

Connect your MongoDB database to Paragon.

1. Get MongoDB Details & Whitelist Paragon IP Addresses

You can get your database credentials from whoever set up the database. You'll also need to get them to whitelist the Paragon IP addresses:





2. Add MongoDB to Paragon

To add MongoDB to Paragon, click the "+" button in the workflow canvas and choose the MongoDB from the sidebar. Under Connect to a MongoDB account, choose "Add new account for MongoDB" and enter your database credentials. We recommend setting up separate accounts for read and write access to make it harder to accidentally cause unwanted changes to your database.

3. Query MongoDB

Once your MySQL database is connected, you can add steps to perform the following actions:

  • Write MongoDB Query

  • Find Documents

  • Find Document by ID

  • Create Document

  • Update Documents

  • Update Document by ID

  • Delete Documents

  • Delete Document by ID

When writing MongoDB queries, you can reference data from previous steps by typing {{ to invoke the variable menu.