Working with integrations
Integrations make it easy to connect Paragon to your data.


Paragon provides native integrations with databases and other APIs to make it easy to connect workflows to your data.
Here are a few of the integrations we provide:
You can take a look at our Integrations Catalog for a full list of supported integrations.
Each integration is represented as a step that can be added to a Paragon workflow. To add an integration step, click on the "+" button in the workflow canvas and choose the integration you want to add from the sidebar.
To use an integration, you'll first need to connect your account for that service to Paragon. You only need to connect each account once, and you'll able to select that account again in any workflow.
Each integration has a different setup process and provides different actions that can be used in your workflows. Our docs provide a detailed look at how to set up and use each integration:


Don't see an integration that you're looking for? If the service you want to integrate with has a public API, you can try using a Request step. Either way, let us know and we'll be happy to add it to our roadmap if we're not already working on it.
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